Neetu Suresh

Neetu Suresh:

My name is Neetu Suresh, and I am a cook from India.

Cooking has always been my passion, which I developed at a young age, inspired by my parents' delicious meals and the joy of sharing homemade food. To me, cooking is not just a chore but an art form that allows me to express my creativity, experiment with flavors, and bring happiness to others.

From 2001 to 2007, I had the opportunity to appear on popular cooking shows like "Aduge Aramane" on Udaya TV "Saviruchi" on Zee TV and "Ruchi Abhi Ruchi" on ETV, where I showcased my culinary skills to the viewers.

Since 2009, I have been teaching cooking in Germany.

Currently, I conduct cooking classes at KochDichglücklich, where I have been specializing in Indian cuisine since 2013.  

Food is a universal language that defies cultural boundaries, bringing people from different backgrounds together. Through the medium of food, I strive to foster understanding, connection, and joy among individuals.

In my cooking classes, I offer a vibrant journey through the world of Indian gastronomy. I teach both traditional recipes and innovative cooking styles, allowing participants to learn authentic techniques and discover modern twists. It is a delightful and educational experience that brings people together around the table, providing satisfaction and fulfillment.